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Silo and Hopper Weighing Over View

Scales, Silo & Hopper Weighing

Silo and Hopper Weighing made easy.

The Silo and Hopper weighing brochures helps to show the user many of the advantages of putting your silo and hoppers under the correct Kelba or Scaime load cells for accurate weighing of your bulk materials goods which informed process control business decisions can be made.
Some of the advantages of using the correct Kelba or Scaime loadcells and electronics to weigh your silo or hopper are.
More accurate weighing of bulk goods than using sonic radar prods.
Automation of materials handling either via a smart indicator with a set point or batching ability or via 4-20 analogue connection directly to a PLC with the appropriate electronics.
Better stock control equals less wastage equals more profit.
Safer OH&S environment due to less manual handling and checking of storage levels etc.

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