Kelba Check Weighing

QUALITY built checkweighers Made In Australia for items weighing 20 grams to 60kg . The 20 gram products can be weighed dynamically down to 0.2gram accuracy and our systems are suitable for either dry or washdown areas.    Our checkweighers can be supplied to our standard design or can be custom built to suit applications such as trays, punnets, sacks, boxes, cartons, bottle or cans.

IF INTERESTED in a quotation please complete the attached questionnaire and return it to or call us at anytime for information 02 9476 4544.


Health Tower Scale

Kelba’s Health Tower Scale, with a capacity of 300 kg is the perfect solution for those
wishing to accurately monitor progress of weight, body mass and height.

Economically priced, the Kelba Health Tower comes standard with a large stand on base with anti-slip rubber mat, indicator with Body Mass Index function, kg and lb display, 2.1 metre Height measuring device and long life rechargeable battery power.

 Mains power adaptor/charger also supplied with the scale.


KXHD 10000

CATTLE Chute / Crush Load Cell:
Model : KXHD10000

Made in Australia, this beam load cell is built for Feedlot Chute and Crush systems. It is a direct replacement for popular Australian beam loadcell in rural Australia, New Zealand and America. Best suited for areas where additional strength and reliability in severe environments and high usage rates is required.
Built to a standard, not just a price, these beam load cells are IP69 rated, extra heavy duty double plated and sealed for use in aggressive areas that quickly corrode normal load cells. Tried and tested over many years of trouble free use, the KELBA KXHD 10000 is the cell of choice for farmers around the world who require a no fuss, accurate, reliable weighing system in outdoor feed lots.
Mounting Brackets and Junctions Boxes are also available and are sold separately.

Rated Capacity:

2500lb (1,134Kg) per loadcell


KELBA Employee Presented with Prestigious Community Award

KELBA Employee Presented with Prestigious Community Award:

Most people who have dealt with KELBA over the last 25 years will know Libby our Administration Manager. Libby is well known to be courteous, helpful and most efficient even under the most trying circumstances.

KELBA’s business is based on excellent service to our customers and without Libby’s input over the years we would have struggled to maintain that reputation.


It is therefore most pleasing that this dedication was recently recognised by the Directors of the company and the greater business community at large. Libby was presented with a “Pride of Workmanship” award by the Rotary Club committee in Epping. The prestigious dinner attended by 90 guests was held by Rotary at which Libby was presented with the award by Mr Nigel Kelty, Chairman  of the Epping/Ryde Chamber of Commerce. Mr John Corney director of KELBA Australia gave a moving address in support of Libby’s contribution over the years.

We at KELBA and I’m sure all our regular customers congratulate Libby on receiving this award and her continued dedication to her work ethic and to our customers.

KFS-300 Stainless Steel Floor Scale

KELBA’s Premium KFS Stainless Steel Floor Scale unlike others, utilises a Stainless Steel load cell providing the perfect solution for weighing in harsh environments. Available in 150kg x 50 grams or 300kg x 100 grams capacities and coupled with the European built quality SCAIME IP68 indicator, the KFS range offers the ultimate weighing package for commercial use in difficult environments at an affordable  price.

Features include removable indicator, counting function, RS232 output for PC or printer, Kg/Lb conversion, Hold mode, peak detection and large Backlit LCD display. A mains power adaptor is provided but the KFS also has an internal re-chargeable battery for true portability.

KELBA’s KFS range can be sold as a base only to attach to other indicators, or PLC. Also with Industrial IP68 indicator for wet or harsh environments OR Standard indicator on a pole attached to the base for normal weighing use.



New Kelsoft weighing Software is easy to use and offers the user the ability to newdownload data automatically from our Scaime indicators and also from the most popular indicators in the Australian market.

KELSOFT is a basic and low cost solution to realtime Data collection from weighing equipment and can be used in, “inventory weighing” , “and any industrial application” where an item needs to be identified, weighed, recorded and totaled for use in managerial or accounting areas and transfer of information to a database.

Barcode scanner or any electronic device that is compatible with PC, can be used for this software. Scanned items are weighed and automatically recorded for collection into the database where totals(individual or Batch), Average, Time and Date can  be collected or shown in Graph form. The data can be printed or  transfered  to Excel.

If you require a basic inexpensive software interface to your weighing equipment, give KELBA a call and see if “Kelsoft” is the answer for your needs.


Kelba KCS 300 Chair Scale

Kelba’s Model KCS-300 is a stable well constructed Chair Scale which providesnew the operator and patient ease of use, especially small children, elderly, frail and handicapped patients.  The arm rests move up on both sides of the chair for easy patient transfer to and from the chair scale and firmly fold down when the patient is seated, this reduces lifting strain on both the patient and staff. The additional hinged footrest can be folded up or down also providing for patient comfort during the weighing process. The four large castor wheels, each with their own brake, and wide push handle bar arrangement make it easy to move the scale from one location to other. These features coupled with the large 300kg capacity and extra wide 530mm seat make the KELBA Chair Scale the obvious choice for all your patient weighing needs.



THREE New baby scales for BO Children’s Hospital in Sierra Leone BO Children’s Hospital – located in Sierra Leone, West Africa – now has three new sets of ‘wriggle proof’ baby… scales kindly donated by KELBA (Australia) Pty Ltd.Bo Childerns Hospital_1457145663_o

All three scales come with a built in tape measure and the ability to weigh in both KG and Pounds. The scales are designed to facilitate the precision weighing of newborn and growing babies and are equipped with movement compensation technology to negate inaccuracies in weighing caused by involuntary movement of the baby. The KELBA baby scales are very light and come with a carry bag to allow easy transportation by both doctors and nurses when visiting patients outside the surgery.To make a donation to Bo Children’s Hospital:

At KELBA, we like to put back into the community via donations such as this, especially when it involves children. I immediately thought of this when I crossed the finish line and met with the Australian contact of the BO Children’s Hospital and Rotary Club of Turramurra and Ku-ring-gai. For more information please contact:

KELBA (Australia) Pty Ltd

Tel 02 9476 4544


Click here to follow this link and celebrate 30 Years of Passion with Scaime!

Kelba (Australia) Pty Ltd a local company donates two baby scales to Hornsby hospital.

Wednesday 5th October 2011

Kelba (Australia) Pty Ltd, who are located at 7 Leonard Street Hornsby donated two sets of scales to Hornsby hospital, one a neo-natal baby scale and the second set, a portable light weight unit suitable for community nursing.

The scales are designed to provide precision weighing of new -born babies, neo- natal and growing babies and are equipped with movement compensation technology to eliminate involuntary movement caused by the baby.  For more information please contact:

Kelba (Australia) Pty Ltd on 02 9476 4544