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KXHD 10000

KXHD 10000

CATTLE Chute / Crush Load Cell:
Model : KXHD10000

Made in Australia, this beam load cell is built for Feedlot Chute and Crush systems. It is a direct replacement for popular Australian beam loadcell in rural Australia, New Zealand and America. Best suited for areas where additional strength and reliability in severe environments and high usage rates is required.
Built to a standard, not just a price, these beam load cells are IP69 rated, extra heavy duty double plated and sealed for use in aggressive areas that quickly corrode normal load cells. Tried and tested over many years of trouble free use, the KELBA KXHD 10000 is the cell of choice for farmers around the world who require a no fuss, accurate, reliable weighing system in outdoor feed lots.
Mounting Brackets and Junctions Boxes are also available and are sold separately.

Rated Capacity: 2500lb (1,134Kg) per loadcell

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