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Scaime M16 load pin

Scaime M16 load pin

Scaime M16 load pin

Load Cells, Load Pins

Scaime M16 load pins are installed to replace a traditional transmission spindle or shaft, and provide a reliable means of measuring loads or forces applied on the pin. They are high capacity load pin used to test or protect against overloads, and are designed for use on:

    • cranes
    • mechanical lifts
    • port installations

They are compact, made of stainless steel, and can be installed in the most difficult environments. IP65 rated.

Rated capacities: 5KN, 10KN, 20KN, 40KN, 50KN, 100KN, 200KN, 400KN, 600KN, 800KN, 1000KN

Customize Load Pin is available on request.

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