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Scaime eNod-C-JB4 – Check weighing applications

Process Control

Scaime eNod-C-JB4 digital weight transmitter acts as a high speed interface directly between load cells or force sensors into process control equipment with the added benefit of a Scaime 4 input summing card built in to the unit so it’s all in one housing. Designed to satisfy the Automation Engineers needs when looking for Fast, Simple and precise conditioning of the Analogue Sensors into PLC’s and intelligent digital weighing systems. eNods come in various versions depending on your application; The eNod-C is designed for high speed Check weighing applications. The eNod system Digital Filter controls the analogue output from load cells eliminating the need to incorporate expensive oil dampened cells in high speed check weighing and grading systems at speeds up to 1600 samples per second to the PLC.

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