Kelba Check Weighing

QUALITY built checkweighers Made In Australia for items weighing 20 grams to 60kg . The 20 gram products can be weighed dynamically down to 0.2gram accuracy and our systems are suitable for either dry or washdown areas.    Our checkweighers can be supplied to our standard design or can be custom built to suit applications such as trays, punnets, sacks, boxes, cartons, bottle or cans.

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Health Tower Scale

Kelba’s Health Tower Scale, with a capacity of 300 kg is the perfect solution for those
wishing to accurately monitor progress of weight, body mass and height.

Economically priced, the Kelba Health Tower comes standard with a large stand on base with anti-slip rubber mat, indicator with Body Mass Index function, kg and lb display, 2.1 metre Height measuring device and long life rechargeable battery power.

 Mains power adaptor/charger also supplied with the scale.


KFS-300 Stainless Steel Floor Scale

KELBA’s Premium KFS Stainless Steel Floor Scale unlike others, utilises a Stainless Steel load cell providing the perfect solution for weighing in harsh environments. Available in 150kg x 50 grams or 300kg x 100 grams capacities and coupled with the European built quality SCAIME IP68 indicator, the KFS range offers the ultimate weighing package for commercial use in difficult environments at an affordable  price.

Features include removable indicator, counting function, RS232 output for PC or printer, Kg/Lb conversion, Hold mode, peak detection and large Backlit LCD display. A mains power adaptor is provided but the KFS also has an internal re-chargeable battery for true portability.

KELBA’s KFS range can be sold as a base only to attach to other indicators, or PLC. Also with Industrial IP68 indicator for wet or harsh environments OR Standard indicator on a pole attached to the base for normal weighing use.


Kelba Weighbeams

The Kelba KWB WB 600i, KWB WB 1000i, KWB WB 1200i  weigh beams incorporates an industrial quality and the well proven Kelba load cells.   The load cells are strain-gauged based tool steel as standard or stainless steel load cells as option with no rubber mounts for very quick settling time. Stainless steel loadcells come standard with stainless steel weighbeams.  These units are built to last and provide the operator with easy portable and accurate weighing.   Ideally used in livestock weighing applications under a crush used in combination with the Kelba KX320 series stock indicator, IPC20 IND or any number of industrial weighing indicators for general weighing applications.   Usually supplied as a set of two weigh beams with 6 meters cable  giving a combined rated capacity from 2000kg x 0.5kg  per set of two.  Can be supplied in both tool steel with powder coated top & bottom channels and tool steel load cells or 304 grade stainless steel top & bottom channels with stainless steel load cells.

Available Capacities:

600mm  (2000kg x 0.5 kg)

1000mm (2000kg x 0.5kg)

1200mm (2000kg x 0.5kg)

Kelba KCS 300 Chair Scale

Kelba’s Model KCS-300 is a stable well constructed Chair Scale which providesnew the operator and patient ease of use, especially small children, elderly, frail and handicapped patients.  The arm rests move up on both sides of the chair for easy patient transfer to and from the chair scale and firmly fold down when the patient is seated, this reduces lifting strain on both the patient and staff. The additional hinged footrest can be folded up or down also providing for patient comfort during the weighing process. The four large castor wheels, each with their own brake, and wide push handle bar arrangement make it easy to move the scale from one location to other. These features coupled with the large 300kg capacity and extra wide 530mm seat make the KELBA Chair Scale the obvious choice for all your patient weighing needs.


KELBA KHC-CH Counting Scale

Kelba’s KHC-CH counting scales will eliminate errors in manual counting of small parts and unnecessary repetition of high volume counting jobs.  The KHC-CH series comes with a max of 256 PLU’s in three different weighing capacities from 6kg x 0.2gram, 15kg x 0.5 gram & 30kg x 1 gram all with RS232 data interface to communicate to an optional external printer if required.  Power supply is either by AC mains power or via its own internal rechargeable battery power for true portability. To maximize the accuracy of the KHC-CH counting scale there are four adjustable feet and level bubble to ensure perfect operation.  Together with the large 290mm x 200mm weighing platter.  The Kelba KHC-CH will make your counting operations a simple task.

Rated Capacity

6kg x 0.2 grams
15kg x 0.5 grams
30kg x 1 grams

Kelba KCB-E-20 Baby Scale

Kelba’s new electronic baby scale is a designed with advanced technology for precision weighing of new born and growing babies. It is portable and light weight at only 3.2kg net weight and can be used in Homes, Baby and Health clinics and Hospitals. It’s low profile and large foot print ensures safety and stability.
The Kelba baby scale is equipped with movement compensation technology, essential to eliminate involuntary movement caused by the baby.

Rated capacity

20kg x 5 grams

Kelba KHWS-500 Wheel Chair Scale

Kelba’s KHWS-500 wheel chair scale offers the user easy and safe access via built-in entry and exit ramps, reducing patient disturbance.  Portable design includes wheels and handles located on its side to make moving the scale from place to place an easy task.  Ideally suited in a vast range of medical applications for either use with wheel chairs or as a stand on scale.  Its 500kg capacity can cover a wide range of weighing applications. The scale includes either a pole or desk / wall mountable indicator with an 25mm LCD display, Backlight, with low power and over load indication.




Kelba KHVS-300 Veterinary Scale

Kelba’s KHVS Veterinary platform scale is designed to offer the user accurate, reliable and repeatable weighing measurements.  The platform scale is made from mild steel with a painted finish and removable stainless steel top for easy cleaning.  Four loadcell measuring points with adjustable feet ensure the Kelba KHVS platform scale is very stable and accurate.  With a platform of size 500mm wide by 900mm long makes an easy fit into most Veterinary practice reception rooms where space is at a premium.  A choice of indicator displays are available depending on your requirements from LCD AC / Battery powered to Large LED AC powered indicators giving you total flexibly for your business.

Rated capacity

300kg x 100 grams

KPS-P NMI TRADE APPROVED Powdercoated Platform Scale

Kelba’s KPS-P series of NMI trade approved powder coated platform scales come in three sizes – 800 x 800mm, 1200 x 1200mm and 1500 x 1500mm. Built to a standard not a price yet remain reasonably priced.
These scales are manufactured in steel and are finished in powder coated blue colour to provide the user with long service life. The top weighing deck is finished with a checker plate top deck and is ideally suited in all dry goods food manufacturing, logistics’ weighing and general dry weighing environments etc and can be ATEX certified with an optional approved indicator & junction box. At the heart of each scale are the loadcells and for this reason Kelba use their Kelba trade approved series of IP67 shear beams, which carries a 1 warranty, refer to separate data sheet for full specifications.