Load Cells

Scaime F60X 5kg – 500kg Bending beam load cell

Stainless Steel Bending Beam load cell, hermetically sealed to IP68. Ideal for a wide range of weighing applications, where a high accuracy load cell is required to be used in harsh enviorments. Combined with either the Stabiflex mounting kit integrating a ball & cup decoupling system, crossstoppers and lift-off prevention device. or the Scaime Rubber kit The F60X with it’s STABIFLEX mounting kit is the ideal solution for weighing hoppers, tanks & blenders etc.

Rated capacity 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 50kg, 100kg, 200kg, 300kg 500kg

Scaime Damped 5kg – 50kg Bending Beam Speedcell

The F60X speedcell is especially designed for applications where acquisition of accurate data at high frequency is paramount. F60X Stainless steel IP68 load cell with mounting hardware incorporating a damping feature for the load cell. Ideal for high speed weighing in harsh environments. Excellent choice for check weighers. A liquid damping optimized for each load cell, increases weighing frequency by 10 times depending upon conditions of use and mechanical environment.

Rated capacity 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 50kg

Kelba KPT 5,000psi Pressure Transducer

5000psi stainless steel pressure transducer, with internal 9/16″ – 18 UNF thread. IP67 rated.

Rated capacity 5000psi

Kelba KPT 10000psi Pressure Transducer

10,000psi stainless steel pressure transducer, with internal 9/16″ – 18 UNF thread. IP67 rated.

Rated Capacity 10000psi

Scaime TM 0 – 1000 mbar Pressure Transducer

Max capacity of 1000 mbar 316 stainless steel pressure transducer with numerous connections available

Scaime ZFA S Type load cell

Tool steel S Type load cell with metric threads IP65 rated.

Rated capacities 25kg, 50kg, 100kg, 200kg, 500kg, 1t, 2.5t, 5t

Scaime ZA30X S Type load cell

Stainless Steel S-Type load cell hermrtically sealed with metric threads IP68 rated.

Rated Capacities 500kg, 1t, 2t, 5t, 7.5t