Junction Boxes

Scaime ALCJB-X4/D4 Stainless Steel 4 Input Junction Box

Scaime 4 input stainless junction box for use with 4 or 6 wire Analog loadcells.  IP65 rated, with corner adjustments by potentiometers with tool free spring clamp connections.

Scaime ALCJB-A Junction Boxes

Scaime 4, 6 and 8 input summing junction box, to suit 4 and 6 wire loadcells, with tool free spring loaded terminals. The ALCJB-A junction boxes are finished in a tough painted Aluminium housing are able to the ATEX certified if required.

Kelba 4 input Summing Junction Box

Kelba 4 input junction box along with its small design and fine trim pot adjustments to optimise the weighing accuracy, for platform scales or where a smaller than average junction box is required.

Kelba 8 input Summing Junction Box

Kelba 8 input summing ABS plastic junction box with trim pots. To optimise weighing accuracy and reduce time the taken for weighing systems. Ideal for weighbridges and large hopper, silo & bin weighing applications.