Scaime IPC20 Bracket Mount IndicatorIPC20
  • Weighing terminal approved up to 10 000 d according to OIML R76
  • STD version: IP54 housing, powered by 4xAA batteries or adaptor
  • IND version: IP68 waterproof housing, powered by built-in rechargeable battery
  • Can run up to 8 load cells 350 Ω (4 or 6-wire)
  • Optional datastorage device
  • Functional keyboard

Options include:

Time and date
board Data Storage device (DSD)
IR Remote Control
TP200 printer
Kelba KX320 Indicator

The Kelba KX320 combines innovation in industrial design and engineering excellence to create an indicator that is ideally used in wash down applications, agriculture rugged environments. The tough heavy duty enclosure of the Kelba KX320 is made of an impact resistant composite alloy and is designed to withstand the knocks. The use of a capacitive keyboard allows the front panel to be constructed as a single piece. The X320 keypad senses an operator’s finger, whether gloved or not, from the inside of the enclosure. There are no moving parts to wear out, no glue to deteriorate and no keypads tails to fail due to vibrating or corrosion. The strength of the single front fascia increases the durability of the instrument, protecting the LCD and electronics from external moving parts. The KX320 from Kelba provides the operator a choice of either AC mains power or rechargeable NiMH battery options, RS232 com port with twin Amphenol Load cell connections and dust covers as standard.

Scaime IPC50 Indicator

Scaime IPC50 Table top indicator comes in two versions ABS plastic with a IP54 rating and stainless steel with a IP65 rating. Can support up to 8 loadcells 350 Ω ohams 4 or 6 wire. Standard features include 2 x RS232 outputs, large 6 digit 25mm LCD display with backlight.

Options include:
Time and date
Data storage device (DSD) and time and date
Two relay outputs and two logic inputs for programmable set points
1 x RS485 (replaces 1 x RS232)
Analog 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-10VDC
Fixed or adjustable mounting brackets
Remote control
TP200 printer

Scaime IPE50 XLR Large Display Indicator

Scaime IPE50 XLR Large display indicator supports up to 8 load cells 350 Ω oham 4 or 6 wire in a stainless steel IP68 rated housing. With one by RS232 and RS485 output, two logic inputs and outputs and with a large 6 digit 58mm LED display as standard which is suitable for direct sunlight use outdoors. The IPE50 XLR can be used as a standalone indicator or as repeater / slave indicator when used with any of the Scaime indicators via RS232 connection.

Options include:
Data Storage device (DSD)
Time and date board
Analog 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-10VDC
TP200 printer
Remote control
Stainless Steel fix or adjustable brackets

Rinstrum R320

The Rinstrum R320 indicator is Durable IP65 ABS panel mount housing indicator. It’s durability maximised with the optional protective lens over the LCD to reduce risk of damage from knocks. The indicator provides:

  • General purpose weighing functions – totalising unit switching, counting, hold & peak hold
  • Clear highly visible display – 20mm LCD display with LED backlight
  • Customise – Programmable function key and configurable printing
  • Versatile power options – AC, DC and rechargeable NiMH battery options
  • Built in RS232 communications port
  • Two Isolated outputs – High side driver up to 300mA, allowing for example, direct connection to PLCs and for external actuators to be driven directly
Rinstrum XD30 Remote Display

The XD30 remote is a remote display that is ideal for use in food processing, automotive, chemical or pharmaceutical applications or applications that require reliable operation in harsh environmental conditions.