Kelba Check Weighing


QUALITY built checkweighers Made In Australia for items weighing 20 grams to 60kg . The 20 gram products can be weighed dynamically down to 0.2gram accuracy and our systems are suitable for either dry or washdown areas. Our checkweighers can be supplied to our standard design or can be custom built to suit applications such as trays, punnets, sacks, boxes, cartons, bottle or cans.

Kelba has been part of many companies success stories over the years. We are extremely proud of the projects that we have undertaken, and our customers recognise the quality of our products, services and solutions. 


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Welcome to Kelba

Kelba (Australia) Pty Ltd is a manufacturer of load cells and weighing measurement equipment, we have been serving the weighing and measurement industry for over 30 years.

At Kelba, we have a complete range of Shearbeams, Bending Beams, Tension, Compression, Pancake and Single point load cells which are all stocked in our warehouse for fast delivery to anywhere, anytime.  We have an extensive range of weighing scales from platform scales, bench scales, hanging scales and baby scales, which are reliable and accurate.

Our load cells are also supported by a vast range of weighing accessories to assist you with good weighing practice and provide solutions to most weighing installations and applications.  To this we offer a wide range of digital weighing indicators for applications such as weighbridges, tank weighing, silo weighing, hopper weighing, platform weighing and batch weighing etc.

Kelba sales, technical and warehousing is located in Sydney with a range of load cells and weighing solutions available for immediate dispatch right your door Australia wide. We offer same day or overnight dispatch because we understand how essential it is to be able to install or repair equipment quickly without fuss.